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January 28, 2018

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What Bali weddings and Bali Belly have in common!

September 14, 2018




Date of the 3rd of September 2018 my local paper decided that they would write an article titled overseas weddings may be easier on the trip pocket. 



Now first up I had mixed emotions once reading this article. Isn't a local paper supposed to support small local business? And on the other hand I can understand the angle they were trying to achieve. I think they should have given a little more thought about their title. What exactly are they trying to say when they refer to overseas weddings may be easier on the trip pocket. Trip pocket? What exactly is a trip pocket?  Are you saying that you should go over on holiday and maybe get married at the same time because it will save you money? Perhaps they meant "Wedding Budget".


Townsville Bulletin if you'd like to let me know exactly what your intentions were here I would be very interested to hear your viewpoint.


Now for anyone who has tried to get married in Bali or overseas in a country other than in the Commonwealth, it might leave you feeling a little worse for wear.  For this blog let's just talk about Bali. 


So in Bali, one must declare their religion to the religious official of that particular religion, which must be recognised in Bali as an accepted religion.   Should you not be a genuine religious person you will not have the documents needed to be able to support your claim, the religious Officient will most likely deny your claim to marry within Bali laws. If you are able to get over this first hurdle then you will be required to hold a civil ceremony at exactly the same time and place as your religious blessing.  Not to mention the potential trip to the embassy.  Should you be successful at all of these hurdles you will be able to obtain a marriage certificate and have your marriage legally recognised in Bali which is then recognised in Australia as a legal binding marriage.  Confused yet? 


Most people will not be able to achieve this. Please excuse the generalising, however, I believe I'm referring to the majority. 


So you will find that most couples will in fact either do the legal requirement of getting married in Australia and then getting over to Bali to have the ceremony. Other couples will return from Bali having found out that their marriage is in fact just a lot of hot air and will need to seek out a celebrant in order to legalise their union here in Australia. Or a trip to the very sterile courthouse is an option. 


Now I'm