How to Plan the Biggest Day of Your Life –Your Wedding Day

You’re engaged and although the celebration is still in the air, the thought of planning an entire  wedding soon begins to take over. Being new at the wedding planning game brings with it an extra baggage of stress and over thinking. And just when you thought you’re caught in the middle of planning a wedding, a little extra help can turn things around.

From tips and tricks on how to begin to simple ways through which you can achieve your dream wedding, we’ve got it all listed down for your convenience. Let’s take a look at your guide to wedding planning in style. Create a budget and ensure you stick to it The biggest question you and your partner should ask yourselves is how much you’re willing to spend on the wedding? Include any wish list items you may need to add towards the end of the planning process to make sure you have enough cash to fulfill every last desire. Always stay firm to staying true to your budget from the start. And if that means compromising a tad bit on getting that fairytale wedding, do it. Plan smart and learn to prioritize between needs and wants, aiming to strike a balance between the two. Establish a timeline Other than your budget of course, your wedding’s timeline is crucial to set from the gecko. A timeline that coordinates with your schedule should be your first priority. Learn to map out dates for specific objectives and go on from there. There are a number of wedding websites that offer viewers with not only timelines but checklists too. How convenient is that? Online event tools are your best friend In a world where technology is your next best friend, it only makes sense to grab first hand access to some of the best wedding event tools and apps in the market today. These tools come complete with checklists, reminders and effective budget planning methods that are super helpful for the planning process. It’s time to get on track with important details Your budget and timeline is set, what’s next? Well it’s the important details of course! Having a clear idea on your wedding size and guest list will determine answers to some important questions. Once your list of invites has been finalized, next comes the event venue, wedding theme and wedding date of course! And remember, the sooner the better as event venues fill up fast, especially during peak season in Australia! Get hands on experience by visiting the venue in person before you make any commitments. Customized designs go a long way When it comes to wedding stationary such as save the date invites, programs, menu cards, etc, choose to create with quality. Contact design resources that you can trust blindly and let them in on your vision. Remember, there’s nothing better that a wedding with a customized/creative flair.

Don't forget the authorised marriage celebrant! Dont forget that the most important person other than your partner at your wedding is your celebrant and your  Witnesses .  So don't forget to get in touch with you celebrant early on in the peace ,  the last thing you want to have is everything organized but no one to make your wedding official! 

Other Vendors

Be it flowers and décor to catering and entertainment, learn to be diligent during vendor hiring,  

Check references for your vendors’ websites and remember to make a spreadsheet with all their contact and backup details written. Set up in person meetings with your vendor design team and get to know them on a personal level. They are ultimately your golden ticket to wedding planning success. Expect hurdles along the way Wedding planning is a bumpy ride and being aware of that gives you the right mindset to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. Remember, no wedding will ever come out to be perfect. And most importantly, learn to tackle minor challenges with back up plans in place. Learn to be quick on your feet and assertive when making decisions too. Take a moment to breathe! The planning process is entitled to be gruesome indeed. And that is why it’s more important than ever to sit back and relax for a few minutes. Weddings take months to plan so remember to start early so you don’t have to face last minute stress or panic attacks.  

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