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Extra Ceremony add on's


All Add on's are charge at an additional $60 each.  This is to cover the extra time in preparing for the ceremony and all material needed are provided for you.   Please add you selected Add On's in your online bookings.  If you "Add On" ceremony is not listed please talk to me and I will be happy to accommodate your request where possible.

The bride and groom colorful sand is poured into the bottle.jpg

A type of unity ceremony, the wedding sand ceremony expresses the coming together of two people or two families into one new family. ... Typically, each person has different colored sand and takes turns pouring it into one clear vessel, forming a layered effect

Hands Of Bride And Groom Tied Wedding Towels. The Priest Binds The Bride's Hand Towel. Hands Of Youn


In a ritual that originated in my home country Great Britain during pagan times.   The bride and groom bind their hands together with a ribbon, or yarn symbolizing the joining of their lives. The binding was then tied in a knot to symbolise their unity!  So you know that saying "tied the Knot", now you know where this comes from.  
Today, many couples do this immediately before or after the exchange of rings.

Bible Text

The Rose Ceremony

No this is not the Bachelor!  But you can understand why they decided to use it.  Traditionally during the Rose Ceremony, brides and grooms will present a single rose, a symbol of love, to their mothers early in the ceremony as a gesture of love and gratitude and appreciation of their support.

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