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About AJ Wedding Celebrant

Alex Jurgens is a fully qualified, professional Civil Marriage Celebrant. As a representative of Attorney General’s Department, she is registered to officiate marriages in Australia.

Alex is dedicated to writing and officiating personalised ceremonies for each couple she works with. In learning more about your requirements, beliefs and personal story, she is able to tailor her service to ensure you celebrate that special moment in your life in a way that is meaningful to you as a couple. 


On the flip side, not every marriage needs or wants the formality of a ceremony! Marriage is rightful option to all couples. So Alex created and developed a unique service which allows couples to officiate their marriage in the comfort of their own home over a glass of bubbly, a beer or just a lovely cuppa.. The Kitchen Table Wedding (TM) was born! It’s now one of Alex’s most popular services.

Alex is located in Townsville, North Queensland and is available to officiate ceremonies in and around the local area.  However, where schedules allow, Alex is happy to discuss your ceremony in locations across the north, including Magnetic Island, Cairns, Port Douglas and Opheus Island.

So who is Alex?…


I’m glad your asked, lol. My journey around the sun began in the early eighties and I grew up in Devon in the UK. During my school aged years, I loved riding horses in the lush green Devonshire countryside, I loved art and drama at school and hated Maths but loved calculators. At the age of 18, I wanted to explore the world. On my travels, I experienced different cultures, lifestyles, languages, food and fashion. All which I feel make me a better celebrant in someway.

I landed in Australia and began my Business Marketing Degree and then met the man that I am now proud to call my Husband of 14 years. My Celebrant at the time encouraged me to consider becoming a celebrant. The seed sat in my head long after! Having finished my degree and looking for new and exciting ways of doing things, I decided it was time to shake things up!


I truly believe that I have the best job in the world, celebrating love and making people happy, whilst using my creativity.

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